Have you suffered an injury in a Home Depot parking lot anywhere in the United States or Washington D.C.? Are you missing time at work due to your injuries? Are you losing income and revenue due to being unable to work? Are you having to live with chronic pain and emotional suffering as a result of your injuries? It makes sense for you to seek legal counsel from a personal injury attorney handling claims against corporate giants such as Home Depot.

If you have been hurt or injured in a Home Depot parking lot accident you may be entitled compensation and benefits under premises liability law. It is absolutely in your best interest to consult with our Home Depot accident lawyers. With many years serving those injured at Home Depot they will put their vast experience to work for you.

Home Depot Parking Lot Accidents

Businesses, corporations, employers and business owners have a legal obligation and responsibility to adequately and properly maintain all areas of their property per premises liability laws in each of the 50 states. This including parking lots, loading docks and sidewalks. Accidents that can occur in Home Depot parking lots are numerous. Some are due to human error, poor management and maintenance practices as well as hazardous property conditions. Others, such as car accidents or pedestrian accidents are caused by the negligent behavoir of another while driving. These accidents can often times lead to life altering injuries that can take significant amounts of time, energy and money to recover from. Being injured on Home Depot’s property can make you very vulnerable physically, emotionally and financially.

Causes And Types Of Los Angeles Parking Lot And Sidewalk Accidents

Automobile accidents


Sexual assault

Sinkhole accidents

Pothole accidents

Slips, trip and falls due to broken blacktop

Inadequate lighting accidents

Negligent security accidents

Snow/ice not being properly or thoroughly removed

Injuries Sustained In Parking Lot Accident



Broken/Fractured Bones

Soft Tissue Injuries

Back Injuries

Head And Neck Injuries

Establishing Liability In A Home Depot Premises Liability Accident

Premises Liability law is an area of law that deals exclusively with accidents and injuries occurring on someone else’s property i.e. Home Depot. In a parking lot accident there can be one party at fault, or more than one party at fault. Management companies, cleaning services, outsourced security companies and other corporate entities can also be held responsible for your injuries. It makes sense to retain a Home Depot parking lot injury attorney to determine all liable parties and attempt to obtain compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills.

Contact A Home Depot Accident Lawyer

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