Have you , or a loved one, been hurt in a trucking accident that was caused by negligent driving behaviors of a Wal-Mart truck driver? These accidents normally result in very serious injuries. In many cases WalMart tractor trailer accidents claim the lives of the victims. Regardless of how serious the injuries are you should seek the counsel of an experienced trucking accident lawyer who has experience handling WalMart trucking accidents. You, and other victims such as passengers in your vehicle, may be entitled to benefits and other means of financial compensation.

Please contact our WalMart trucking accident attorneys to discuss your case. They have many years collective experience handling serious commercial vehicle accident claims. Let them analyze your claim for free today. They serve those injured at Wal-Mart stores all over the U.S.A. including California, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania.

WalMart’s Trucking Fleet

WalMart, being the corporate giant it is, has a trucking fleet of over 6,000 trucks of various sizes. Each year they log many millions of miles carrying cargo from their distribution hubs to the various regional stores. With so many trucks on the road servicing such a large area it is inevitable that accidents will occur. Being a victim of one of these accidents may entitle you to benefits and financial compensation for you injuries.

Causes of WalMart Trucking Accidents

WalMart trucking accidents are caused by the same things as other types of semi-truck and tractor trailer accidents. These causes are normally related to truck drivers behaviors and can include falling asleep while driving, driving while intoxicated (on alcohol, street drugs and prescription medications), speeding and texting while driving. In many cases WalMart did not do a thorough background check on their drivers (this is very common during the holidays) and they hire people with a history of drug abuse, DUI’s and terrible driving behaviors. Sometimes the trucker did not even have a legitimate commercial drivers license. All of these may equate to you being eligible for benefits and compensation.

In addition to truck driver negligence WalMart tractor trailer accidents can be caused by defective auto parts, faulty or worn out brakes, tires with minimal or no tread and subpar maintenance. Worn out brakes can lead to runaway trailer accidents, especially if going down an incline. If the tires are balding and are not changed they can blowout while on the road and these have the capacity to result in horrendous traffic accidents.

Benefits Awarded in WalMart Trucking Accidents

Victims of WalMart trucking accidents can obtain various benefits. The exact benefits you collect are very much related to the circumstances surrounding your accident, the extent of your injuries and whether or not someone was killed in the accident. Due to all states having comparative negligence laws (also referred to as apportionment) you may be entitled to benefits even if the accident was partly your fault. Common benefits awarded in commercial vehicle accidents are:

Current lost wage compensation

Future lost wage compensation

Current medical expenses

Future medical expenses

Pain and suffering compensation

Death benefits

Funeral benefits

Survival benefits

Loss of parental guidance

Our WalMart injury attorneys will determine exactly what benefits you are entitled to according to state laws. From there they will do their absolute best to get you the benefits and monetary compensation you are entitled to.

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