Have you been injured in a bathroom, restroom, ladies room, mens room, unisex or family restroom in a Home Depot store in the United States? Do you know that you may be entitled to benefits such as medical expense reimbursement, lost wage compensation, pain and suffering compensation under personal injury laws in your state and or the state the accident occurred in. You should get in contact with a personal injury attorney who handles accident and injury claims against big box stores such as Home Depot.

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Home Depot Bathroom Accidents

Injuries resulting from Home Depot bathroom accidents are very most common. These types of accidents typically result in lawsuits. Home Depot restrooms more often than not Bathrooms often have tile floors that are very hard and unforgiving. Some also have mats or rugs near the doorway and these can become ruffled or otherwise unsecured and can lead to a trip and fall. Falls on these types of floors often result in very serious injuries, including:

  • head injuries such a concussions
  • joint injuries such as knee, shoulder, wrist, elbow and hand injuries,
  • broken or fractured bones
  • spinal injuries.

Depending on the extent of your injuries you may need a host of medical procedures such as x-rays, surgeries, a medication regimen. You may also need the injured bodypart immobilized via wearing a sling, neckbrace, splint or cast. It does not take long for Home Depot accident victims to incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses related to the accident.

Below are three very common causes of slip, trip and fall down accidents which occur in Home Depot bathrooms:

1. Water leaking from a pipe or toilet

Home Depot needs to be held liable for a fall accident which occurs due to accumulation of water leaking from a toilet or sink pipe. Proving liability requires at least some evidence that the owner either knew about the problem or should have known about the problem. For example, proving that employees knew about the problem for days, weeks and months prior to the accident is probably sufficient to prove notice.

2. Leaking roofs

Similarly, when water is leaking from a roof and onto the floor of a bathroom, the owner may be liable if an employee knew about the problem before the accident. In addition, under Pennsylvania law, the owner may be liable if it created the danger by engaging in repairs negligently. A contractor may also be liable for shoddy repair. For example, if a roofing contractor made repairs to the roof prior to the accident and those repairs caused water to leak into the bathroom, the roofing contractor could be held liable in addition to the owner.

3. Poor or subpar maintenance

If Home Depot fails to conduct proper maintenance of bathroom facilities may be held liable when a customer slips and falls as a result of accumulated water on the floor. Of course, it is natural for water to accumulate on the floor near the sink area. As people wash their hands, excess water naturally shakes off onto the floor, and near the trash bin. Property owners are unlikely to be held liable when someone slips in this type of scenario. However, if the property owner never conducted maintenance of the bathroom to clean up and the water accumulated into puddles, then liability may attach.

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